Areas of Expertise
Compliance/Mgt Performance Reviews

RLS & Associates, Inc. (RLS) has emerged as the nation’s leading nonurbanized area compliance review consulting firm, specifically focusing its practice on FTA compliance issues. Over the past decade alone, RLS' qualified staff has conducted more than 325 compliance reviews of nonurbanized grant recipients across the States of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, Tennessee, and Illinois just in the past 10 years, in all more than 2,000 general compliance or single topic compliance reviews (ADA, Title VI, Charter, Drug and Alcohol, etc.) since 1990.


A Compliance and/or Management Performance Review is a tool employed by many State Departments of Transportation to both monitor compliance of their Section 5311 grantees with State and Federal requirements as well as to provide technical assistance. RLS has been performing these types of reviews for well over 24 years and has developed a successful process for providing a comprehensive assessment of each grantee’s practices to determine the degree to which the system under review is in compliance with Federal and State regulations.  Reviews typically last 1-2 days and are documented in a detailed report of findings and recommendations and an implementation schedule for achieving compliance.  Incorporating a technical assistance component into the reviews allows States to share best practices among the Section 5311 systems to improve management and operations.