Areas of Expertise
Training & Technical Assistance


RLS & Associates, Inc. (RLS) offers a professional staff of instructors and can design an individual training class to an entire training program for your staff.  RLS training includes an array of approaches emphasizing class interaction, hands-on experiential exercises, role plays, and case studies where students are given the opportunity to practice skills and demonstrate knowledge.  RLS has also incorporated pre- and post-knowledge assessments into many of its training classes to assess the students' knowledge before and after the training to determine those areas for further training and assistance. And, classes are taught in a variety of settings, from traditional classroom to state of the art webinars and webcasts.  RLS staff offers a multitude of training classes on practical topics, reflecting RLS’ extensive knowledge of the transit system operating environment.  RLS’ training topics include, but are not limited to: ADA compliance; charter compliance; contracting with the private sector; customer service; defensive driving; diversity and sensitivity; emergency evacuation procedures; establishing and negotiating contract rates; fully allocated costing; FMCSA compliance for transit operators; FTA drug and alcohol program training, including substance abuse awareness, reasonable suspicion, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and third party administrators; ethics; financial management; governing board member roles and responsibilities; operator safety; passenger assistance techniques; establishment of performance indicators; safety and security; strategic planning; Title VI compliance; transit manager training; and transit planning and service evaluation.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact RLS at or 937-299-5007 and we’ll design a training just for you!  

Technical Assistance

RLS & Associates, Inc. has built a strong reputation for providing individualized training and technical assistance on a broad range of topics.  A hallmark of the technical assistance has been RLS’ specialized technical assistance to State DOTs to assist them in their efforts to address complex administrative and operating issues and comply with a myriad of Federal and State program rules, regulations, and requirements.  Examples of projects include the development of program “field guides” detailing the State’s oversight requirements for FTA programs, including Section 5310 and Section 5310; the development of Program Manuals to assist grantees with local implementation and compliance with these same programs; the development of FTA-required State Management Plans for Sections 5310, 5311, 5316, and 5317; the development of State Compliance Guides for complex Federal requirements such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements and the FTA Charter regulations. In addition, RLS maintains a close working relationship with officials at the Federal Transit Administration and other industry experts that can provide additional insight and clarification on regulatory compliance and other issues that may arise during the conduct of the project, as well as benchmarks for establishing project recommendations and alternatives.