Areas of Expertise
Drug & Alcohol Regulations

RLS & Associates, Inc. (RLS) is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Drug and Alcohol Regulations.  For over eighteen years,  RLS has been providing technical assistance, training, program design and implementation, and compliance reviews, assessments, and audits for state departments of transportation, municipalities, and transportation systems. Further, RLS designed FTA’s Drug and Alcohol Regulation Newsletter and continues to be a major contributor to this quarterly publication. RLS has authored several other publications, including the Best Practices Manual for Drug and Alcohol Regulations in Mass Transit, the Substance Abuse Management Course that was included in the core curriculum for the Transit Safety Institute, and the FTA Prescription and Over-the-Counter (Rx/OTC) Medications Toolkit.


RLS has had longstanding drug and alcohol technical assistance and training contracts with a number of states, including California, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, and West Virginia providing a toll free number for technical assistance and conducting dozens of training classes on Substance Abuse Management, Reasonable Suspicion, Third Party Administrator Compliance, and more.